How customizable are the hats?

They are completely customizable. Any style hat can be produced in several different materials, and you may request any crown height and brim width. You can choose a crown style you like from one hat and pair it with a brim style from another. You can choose a hat we feature in fur felt and have it made with straw, and vice versa. The options are endless. Hat bands also add another level of customization to your hat.

What is the starting price of your hats?

We use only the finest materials in both straw and fur felt with qualities starting at $800 in each. The high quality of the raw materials we use for both hats and hatbands often results in volatility of pricing. Please call us to guarantee you are getting the most current pricing information.

Do the hats come with a hat band?

Grosgrain ribbon trimming is complementary when purchasing a hat, but any other hat band is sold separately. “Ligne” is the French unit of measurement we use to measure the width of the ribbon, and we use two types of bows depending on the width you choose. The bow used on narrower ribbons is called a gambler bow, while the wider ribbons have a kick bow.

 How is size determined?

Size is a function of the circumference and the shape of each unique head. This is called “fit”. Manufactured hat sizes are all over the board, while our size is a scale size and is always the same. The most important aspect of fit is the circumference, which is easy to determine by properly measuring the circumference of a skull about a finger’s width above the top of your ears. If we have the pleasure of your company in the store, we will be able to determine your exact head shape using an antique French tool called a conformitor. Please see “Your Custom Fit” section of the website for further details.

 Do you sell hat stands?

Yes! In fact, our master hatter Juan makes hat stands that match your head shape and size exactly to allow your hats to maintain their proper fit even when not on your head. They’re made out of cedar, which is a natural moth repellent, and come in a few different variations depending on how you would like to display your hat.

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