Low RCA with Ventilation

This is the same style and weave as the low RCA Semi-Calado. The same is true of both, with the exception that this brim is less wide at 3.25”.


Very popular western style. The pencil curled brim edge is not only a stylistic embellishment, but adds considerable stability to the brim, even in high winds.


There is something intrinsically pleasing about wearing a Montecristi Panama of this quality. You might stand a little taller, exude an aura of self confidence and find yourself gliding rather than walking.


Interesting Fact: This hat style used to be named something else until one day I got a call from the General Counsel of the famed King Ranch.

RCA Americana

One of our best styles ever – especially in a Panama hat! I once sold 500 dozen of this triple diamond body to Resistol Hats. Think about it, that’s 60,000 hat bodies!

Alain Panama Hat

Ventilated weaves are more comfortable in hot humid climates than solid weaves. Please note this is not a good crease for those of you with very high crowns to your head. If you like the idea of this crease please speak with us about accommodating it to your head configuration. About the Band (additional) Estrada Reata. Simple elegance in finely braided kangaroo leather with ring knots…