Trail Boss

When riding in a group, nobody passes the “Trail Boss”. In a crowd of hat wearers, none stand out like this style does.


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RCA stands for Rodeo Cowboy Association. This is a contemporary interpretation of the original crease which was both taller and wider in the crown.


The Panama material for this tall crown, wide brim style is nearly extinct as our weavers are refusing to produce them. Get yours while the getting is still good. Only available at Montecristi Hat Works!


This style is perfect for those who want a western look in a smaller frame western style. This is especially popular with the ladies.

Tecate 8/9Z Panama Hat

This is a higher crowned, wider brim version of the RCA Americana, but the pencil curl is only on the brim sides. For a real cowboy or cowgirl.

Classic Optimo Panama Hat

Once a Classic, always a classic. The Optimo is designed for all occasions and wear, day or night.

Low Crown Optimo

An old classic style redesigned to suit today’s “crown-height-conscious” client.