Panama Hat Collection

A perennial classic for warm weather, Panamas are now worn year-round. The Montecristi Panama starts at $800. All our styles come in three grades — Fino Select, Extra Fino, and Super Fino.


Fino Select – $800 to $1500
Extra Fino  – $1600 to $4900
Super Fino  – $5000 and up

Prices are subject to change without notice

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Connoiseur Optimo Panama Hat

| Fedora & Dress |

Something old, something new, all declared classics from this day forward.

Cloche Cupid Panama Hat

| Ladies |

Some of our favorite millinery and crossover styles.

Tecate Whistle Ryon Panama Hat

| Western |

A contemporary showcase of old and new favorites.

Group of Different Styles of Panama Hats

| ALL Panama Hats |

If you can’t find what you are looking for here please call to discuss your idea.

Reno Panama Hat 1468

| Southwest |

Styles influenced by climate, characters and attitude.

Militon Panama Hat

| Legacy |

These are some of the styles I would like to be remembered for.

What level of quality is appropriate for your Panama hat?

That’s a personal question we cannot answer but we can guide you to an informed decision. Some of our hats reflect the ultimate expression of the hatmaker’s craft. using techniques refined and passed down for generations. As such, these hats are significant investments. But even our most affordable choices meet our exacting standards. And we shape each hat by hand for a perfect fit!

Our collections fall within broad ranges: the fineness and evenness of the hat’s weave, as well as the consistency of the width and color of its fibers. Please note that terms like “Fino” and Super Fino are subjective and are meant only to help guide your selection.

Styles and Quality Weave

All hat styles — such as dress, western and southwestern — are available in all weaves. Since our hats are custom-fitted, you may also request a higher or lower crown height or a wider or narrower brim. Every head is different. These are choices we can discuss in person or by phone.

Every hat comes with a classic grosgrain ribbon at no charge, or with your choice of a signature hatband from our exclusive collection.