Connoisseur Optimo Panama Hat – Montecristi Hats
Connoiseur Optimo Panama Hat

Connoisseur Optimo Panama Hat

Montecristi hats in both fur and Panama straw start at $800. Any style you choose can be produced in either material in various qualities.

About the Hat

This is the hat that was featured on the cover of Connoisseur magazine in 1983. It features a 5″ crown with a very natural brim with light hand curled brim edge. With little or no sizing (stiffness) added this Super Fino feels like a feather and the brim floats in the breeze.

About the Band (additional)

6 ligne grosgrain ribbon trim with gambler bow.

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Panamas of this quality are extremely rare.

There is more to quality than the number of straws per square inch. The straw must be extremely fine and of consistent width and color, the concentric lines of weave must be linear with no up and down wavering, and the material when finished must have good “hand”.

“Hand” here refers to the feel of the finished weave. “Sponge Like” might be a good descriptive phrase of explanation. When the finished body is gently squeezed with fingers on the top of the crown and the thumb on the side wall of the crown, the weave responds to the pressure allowing indentation but springs back a planar surface when released.

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