Lone Stranger Panama Hat – Montecristi Hats
Lone Stranger Panama Hat

Lone Stranger Panama Hat

Montecristi hats in both fur and Panama straw start at $800. Any style you choose can be produced in either material in various qualities.

About the Hat

Wow! I doubt you can buy fine Panamas anywhere else with brims this wide nor weaves as fine. Look closely and you will see the desirable and rare “paja roja” throughout the weave. Very rare. 5″ plus brim hand rolled brim.

About the Band (additional)

Wide Tabaha storyteller, 14K on Sterling, set on brown or black leather strap. There is also a narrower version of this band available. The storyteller features everyday scenes from the Navajo reservation. Available in 14K, 14K on Sterling (as shown), or Sterling.

Interested? Send an email or give us a call at (505) 983-9598.

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Shown in Super Fino

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Natural with Paja Roja




5 1/4"

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