The Golf Hat Panama Hat – Montecristi Hats
The Golf Hat Panama Hat

The Golf Hat Panama Hat

Montecristi hats in both fur and Panama straw start at $800. Any style you choose can be produced in either material in various qualities.

About the Hat

This is the coolest weave you can wear and still have good sun protection. This is one of the finest weaves we have ever developed and it is highly recommended. Available in prices from $1,875 to $3,575 depending on the piece of material. Golf? How about 2 strokes off your game and the coolest golfer on the course?

About the Band (additional)

This is the single strand Rodeo from Estrada. Finely matched heishi encased in very finely braided kangaroo.

Interested? Send an email or give us a call at (505) 983-9598.

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3 1/4"


4 1/8 x 3 7/8"

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