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Whistle Ryon

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About the Hat

1000X Crystal, our most luxurious and lightest color, in our Beaver/Mink blend.

About the Band (additional)

Estrada Rodeo, featuring jet and shell heishi and finely braided kangaroo. $1,485. Matching stampede strap also available for $1,485.

Interested? Send an email or give us a call at (505) 983-9598.

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Hat Material

Beaver/Mink, Western Weight






4 3/8"

Hat Band Price

Optional at $1,485.

Grosgrain ribbon included at no additional cost.

Montecristi is very fond of the lyrical nature of this crown crease and brim set. The “whistles” in the sides of the crown crease came from cowboys pulling the hat down firmly on their heads before they left the chute on a bull or a bronc.

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