Wide Brimmed Semi-Calado Optimo Panama Hat – Montecristi Hats
Wide brimmed Semi-Calado Optimo Panama Hat

Wide Brimmed Semi-Calado Optimo Panama Hat

Montecristi hats in both fur and Panama straw start at $800. Any style you choose can be produced in either material in various qualities.

About the Hat

Designed for the ladies, this is the optimo crease in a Montecristi semi-calado weave. Lightweight, cool and comfortable, the style is finished with a somewhat wide brim for all the protection and style you need.

About the Band (additional)

This is a multicolor peyote stitch beaded band. This particular band features long tassels that fall off the back of the brim with more bead work and a tuft of horsehair.

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