A hat by Montecristi Custom Hat Works is made to last for many years….which would be a long time to wear one that doesn’t fit properly.

Make a custom fit appointment:

We prefer to size each of our hats — Panamas and fur felts alike — to the customer’s exact measurements.

That starts with knowing your head’s circumference. Share your contact information with us, and we’ll send you a free kit that includes a paper measuring tape and instructions on how to use it correctly.

The size of your head is only one factor in achieving the perfect fit. The shape of your head and face matter, too.  All heads are oval in shape, but some are longer while others are rounder — and very few heads are symmetrical. An ill-fitting hat will create pressure points that can become uncomfortable.

Visit us for a custom fitting.

For the best possible fit, Montecristi recommends that you travel to our shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a custom fitting. Here, we’ll use a device called a conformitor to determine the exact shape of your head. The conformitor creates a paper template that we keep on file for you next hat purchase.

A visit to our shop will also allow us to explore all your options with you—the type and grade of your hat’s material, its color, the size of its crown and brim, and the right band to complement your hat.

If you cannot visit our shop, you will find our sizing kit and website instrumental in addressing all fit and custom considerations.