When Only the Best Will Do

You cannot make a better choice than Montecristi.

Since 1976, we have offered the finest handmade Panama and fur felts available. Each hat is custom made to your specifications.

Your hat can be ordered as shown on the website or personalized to meet specific needs. Options include materials, colors, weave quality, and hat bands.

For your Montecristi, our collection of rare and unusual hat bands is the perfect way to further personalize your selection.

We offer an unquestioned money-back guarantee and are recognized for our excellent customer service.

Complete renovation services are also available to extend the life of your fine Montecristi for years to come.

Once you have made your selection/selections please call us at 505 983 9598 to finalize your order.

Normal production time is four weeks.

Prices are subject to change without notice. You may find some discrepancies on this site. If so, please be kind enough to notify us.

The Legendary Montecristi (Video)

| Panama Hats |

A classic choice for warm weather, now worn year-round. Our Panama hats start at $800. All our styles come in three grades — Fino Select, Extra Fino and Super Fino.

Conformator Head Shape Fitter

| Size & Fit |

The fit of a hat is a function of the circumference and head shape. The quality of the hat depends on the quality of the fit.

Trail Boss Fur Felt Hat

| Fur Felt Hats |

Cool/Wet weather Classic. Available in Dress weight (Soft & Supple) or Western weight (Rigid). Quality choices are 30X to 1000X. Starting at $800.

Fur Felt Hat Bodies

| Materials |

We work in Panama straw hat bodies and Fur Felt bodies. At Montecristi, we finesse this raw material into a hat that perfectly matches your custom specifications.

Route 66 Gold Hat Band with Rubies

| Hat Bands |

A traditional ribbon trim is included in the cost of each hat. For a more personal touch, choose from any of our many hat bands options. Gold, silver, beadwork, quill, exotic leathers, and much more.

Montecristi Custom Hat Works Spring/Summer Shop Front

| About |

Welcome to Montecristi Custom Hat Works. We are a longtime hatter working in Panama and Fur Felt hats.