How To Choose

The Panama Hat

Shown: Wide Brimmed Optimo

Wide brimmed Optimo Panama Hat 1525

Fine Fur Felt

Shown: Reno With Full Pencil Curl

Your first decision will probably be Panama or fur felt? Montecristi Custom Hat Works is known best for our genuine Panama hats, but we offer an extensive selection of fur felt hats as well.

Our Collection

The Panama hat was invented to protect wearers from the sun, but today’s fine Panamas can be worn in any season. And both dress and western styles are available in Panamas made from paja toquilla fibers as well as hats made of fur felt. It’s a matter of the wearer’s personal taste.

Consider the Occasion

Wear occasion is another consideration. Is a dressier look more appropriate? Then shop our many variations on the classic fedora (plus a few other hat styles). Do you see yourself in a western? Our fur-felt western hats are designed to look sharp indoors and out — and constructed to protect you from the elements. Our Panama hats with ventilated crown weaves are popular warm-weather choices.

Material Quality

There’s also the question of the quality of your hat’s material. We grade our Panamas in quality from Fino Select to Super Fino. Our fur felts come in two weights, ranging from 30X to 1000X. The better the material, the more expensive the hat, of course — but what’s the wisest choice?

New Yorker Panama Hat
Colombia Panama Hat
The Golf Hat Panama Hat