At Montecristi Custom Hat Works we work in two types of raw material. Panama straw and fine fur felt. In Panama we work in three qualities: Fino Select – $800 to $1500,  Extra Fino  – $1600 to $4900, Super Fino  – $5000 and up.

Solid weaves are traditional, but we have developed ventilated crowns, some full and others not so, but all ventilated weaves offer greater comfort in hot humid climates.

In fur we offer both Dress weight and Western weight choices. Dress weight is thinner, softer, and more supple than Western weight. Fedora and small frame Western styles work well in Dress weight. Wider brims and taller crowns require Western weight. Pastel colors are more expensive than darker colors. In our premium line, we offer 30X, 50X, 100X, and 1000X qualities.

Many colors are available for $800-$5500.

Panama Hat Material Photo
Fur Felt Materials Hat