Fur Felt Collection

Choose from this extensive collection of Montecristi styles or furnish us with a photo of a style you prefer. Either way, your choice will be constructed from the finest material available today. We use two types of fur felt, Western Weight and Dress Weight. Both weights are the exact same fur or fur blends, but the dress weight is thinner, lighter and more supple than Western Weight.

The Legendary Montecristi Video
Three Point Dress Fur Felt

| Fedora & Dress |

A contemporary showcase of old and new favorites.

| Ladies |

A representation of styles we have found very popular with our lady clients.

| Western |

A choice selection of our most popular Western styles, both traditional and contemporary.

| All Fur Felt Hats |

An ever expanding presentation of our most popular styles in fur felt.

| Southwest |

This collection represents styles popular in but not exclusive to the great Southwest.

| Legacy |

This is a unique selection of styles that Montecristi has stamped with their enduring mark of design and quality.

General Pricing: Western Weight (WW) Dress Weight (DW)

30X DW $800 and up Rabbit/ Beaver

50% WW $1000 and up Beaver/Rabbit

50X WW $1200 and up Beaver/Rabbit

100% DW $900 and up Pure Beaver

100X DW $1000 and up Pure Beaver

100% WW $1000 and up Pure Beaver

100X WW $1300 and up Pure Beaver

1000X DW $2000 and up Beaver/Mink

1000X WW $4000 and up Beaver/Mink

Prices are subject to change without notice.